A Full Workflow Management Solution

Create Your Best RFPs in Minutes

Get the formats you want — where you want them. Whether you need high profile wallscapes, digital network spots or public transit advertising, use ADstruc to quickly send multi-market RFPs to vendors. You can even specify Points of Interest so vendors propose their best inventory within close proximity of these locations.

Vendors use the ADstruc interface, not spreadsheets, to build proposals according to your specifications so you’ll never have to attach another RFP grid again. ADstruc automatically keeps track of vendor proposal progress, so you always know who submitted proposals and who is still working on them.

Leverage Your Relationships & Discover New Opportunities

ADstruc is partners with several hundred Out-of-Home media vendors throughout the US. Your existing vendor relationships won’t change and you’re always in control of who receives your RFPs. However, if you’re planning a campaign in a new market, ADstruc's Platform can help you identify advertising opportunities and connect you with the right vendors who sell the media you need.

Get Hours of Your Life Back

Gone are the days of cobbling together disparate spreadsheets, presentation decks and photo sheets into a single document before you can even begin to evaluate and select media for your clients’ campaigns. Our platform standardizes proposal data collection and automatically organizes all the vendors’ information and photos into one consistent format so you can skip hours of reformatting and get right to picking the best inventory for your clients.

  • Grids
  • Decks
  • Photosheets

Launch National Campaigns in One Browser Tab
Without Leaving Your Desk

Account executives today juggle so many different software applications to craft a compelling media plan that it’s no wonder they’re always at the office so late. Each campaign requires that they repeatedly toggle between Email, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and Google Maps to deliver successful Out-of-Home campaigns. In addition to all the required proposal information you need to evaluate inventory, ADstruc includes powerful messaging tools and Google Maps with Street View so you can map units, negotiate with vendors and even “ride” billboards all in one interface.

Visualize & Target Audiences

When you use ADstruc to plan and purchase outdoor campaigns, you can feel confident that you’re selecting media that reaches consumers who purchase your clients’ products and services. Overlay third-party and proprietary data sets to visually and immediately identify the perfect inventory.


If you're a Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) member, you can harness the power of TRPs, CPMs and Cost-Per-Point calculations to ensure your plan speaks directly to a target demographic so you can stop buying individual locations and instead concentrate on buying audiences.

TAB Data

Finalize Your Campaign With Time to Spare

The ADstruc Platform continues to lighten the workload even after building a media plan.

Hands-Free Contracting & Billing

ADstruc is the only media-buying platform fully integrated with the advertising industry’s leading accounting software, Spectra from Mediaocean. When you’re ready to contract with vendors, ADstruc automatically uploads your media buys to Spectra so you don’t have to spend hours formatting and importing spreadsheets to generate insertion orders for every campaign. Our exclusive partnership with Mediaocean enables your teams to spend less time on mundane data entry and more time on campaign strategy and client service.

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