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We are pleased to announce an important product integration and strategic partnership between ADstruc and Telmar. ADstruc, the leading buying platform for the outdoor advertising industry, partnered with Telmar, one of the world’s leading suppliers of media advertising software, to create the most efficient planning and buying system for the outdoor advertising industry. An industry first, Telmar’s planning software now seamlessly connects into ADstruc’s buying software to provide media buyers and sellers with an end-to-end solution.

"ADstruc provides a very powerful suite of tools for media buyers and media sellers," said Telmar President Corey Panno. "The integration of our OOH planning software with the ADstruc platform automates and eliminates the most cumbersome aspects of the traditional RFP process, creating greater efficiency for OOH buying specialists and allowing easy access to the OOH buying process for any media planner — especially those who are new to evaluating OOH as part of their strategic plans."

What does this all mean?

TOPS users’ standard planning tools and process remain unchanged. Once a TOPS user completes a plan on TOPS, the ADstruc integration incorporates the TOPS plan into an RFP and then submits the RFP directly to operators without ever leaving TOPS. As operators respond to the RFP with proposals, ADstruc’s technology automatically organizes the proposals and presents it in a single, interactive, online proposal with tools that make executing the campaign an easy and efficient process.

The best part is that our integration is complete and we are excited to show it to you. To get your agency operating on the Telmar/ADstruc system, email to setup a meeting.

If you aren’t a TOPS user and want to learn more, visit Telmar's site for a demo.

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