Receive and Respond to RFPs With Quickness and Ease

Support for All Media Types

Whether you offer traditional OOH like billboards and street furniture, or your inventory includes super-specialized media, you can use ADstruc to market your properties and send detailed proposals to buyers.

ADstruc is 100% Free to Use

Receive RFPs and build proposals with zero fees. The ADstruc Platform is free for media vendors.

Maintain Autonomy Over Your Inventory

With ADstruc, your inventory information remains completely private between you and your clients. Additionally, you’ll retain the ability to edit your inventory at any time. Change unit photos, update descriptions — do whatever you need to make sure your inventory is as up to date as possible.

Point and Click Proposals

By uploading your inventory into ADstruc, you’ll save time and effort when responding to RFPs. Build proposals by searching unit numbers (or TAB IDs), entering flight/pricing info and clicking submit — it’s that easy.

Expose Your Inventory to New Clients

ADstruc purchasing partners include both large and small media buying agencies, as well as a growing list of direct-buying brands and local businesses — all of which are eligible to send you RFPs for new business.

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